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Stereotactic breast biopsy equipment

The stereotactic breast biopsy has arrived! A special thanks to all our donors who gave to bring a mammographically guided breast biopsy equipment to St. Francis. A stereotactic breast biopsy is performed when a mammogram shows a breast abnormality such as:

  • Suspicious solid mass.
  • Microcalcifications, a tiny cluster of small calcium deposits.
  • breast biopsy demonstrationA distortion in the structure of the breast tissue.
  • An area of abnormal tissue change.
  • A new mass or area of calcium deposits is present at a previous surgery site.

Recently St. Francis Staff had the opportunity to demonstrate the procedures available with the new equipment. L to R: Kandee Kramer, Dr. Mary Hestness and Katie Paulson.

Empowering the Person, Not the Disease

"Patients need to get the best cancer care possible, and we have that right here," said Lorre Ochs, MD, medical director of the St. Francis Cancer Center. "But what makes traditional medicine even more powerful is when the patient is at the center of the care. By that I mean we are giving the patient tools to move away from the worry, stress, and pain and help find the inner strength needed to support healing." Read the complete story.

Board updates

Robert Heimerman, Dr. Lorre Ochs, Mike Beard Mike Beard, Daniel Trajano
Welcome new board members. Left to right: Robert Heimerman, Dr. Lorre Ochs and Chair Mike Beard. Chair Mike Beard thanks Dr. Daniel Trajano for his service on the Saints Healthcare Funds board.

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