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Our donors

Below is a list of friends and benefactors who have made financial contributions to our fund. Donating to a worthy cause for the benefit of others is an act of grace and human kindness. This generosity of spirit is one if the best qualities a person can posess. Thank you for choosing to donate to Saints Healthcare Funds.

Legacy donors (*deceased)

Rosamond Dols*

Joan Fawcett

Bob and Nora Fox

Mary Hart

Clarence Jacobs*

Venetia and Robert Kudrle

Halbert and Bonnie Notermann

Rev. Karl and Signie Nyline

Sister Agnes Otting*

Joshua and Tara Storms

DeWayne Strehlow *

William and Virginia Wermerskirchen

2015 donors

Please click on a link below to view a complete list of our donors.