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Saints Healthcare Funds

Saints Healthcare Funds brings together the fundraising arms of two not -for-profit healthcare organizations St. Francis Regional Medical Center and St. Gertrude’s Health and Rehabilitation Center.

The St. Francis Development Division and the St. Gertrude’s Foundation will work together to connect the passion and commitment of community donors and volunteers with services and programs that help improve community health. More specifically, Saints Healthcare Funds will secure financial resources and make grants to St. Francis or St. Gertrude’s in order to:

  • Purchase cutting edge technologies that improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • Expand innovative, patient-centered healthcare programs and services.
  • Enhance the campus’ physical environment to promote a healing environment.
  • Enrich support services that ease the burden of illness and disease for patients and their families.
  • Support charity and mission-related care, which promotes community health and health care services for the poor and powerless.

Saints Healthcare Funds unites the unique strengths of St. Francis and St. Gertrude’s to provide meaningful opportunities to advance the future of health care. From the first breath of a baby at St. Francis Family Birth Place to the last breath of an elderly patient at St. Gertrude’s Circle-of-Life Hospice Suite, donations through Saints Healthcare Funds make a difference.

Saints Healthcare Funds is the philanthropic arm for St. Francis and St. Gertrude’s to provide seamless opportunities for our community in bringing the best possible healthcare to our families, neighbors and friends.  As evidence of our commitment, 100 percent of donations to St. Francis or St. Gertrude’s will be used to directly impact the cause you feel so passionately about.

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